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Hope you’re all looking forward to an awesome schoolies week in Terrigal!!

Awesome Feedback

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  • Aria


    Loved terrigal,cant wait to return 😉 Sure Thing made it happen. Without you guys it simply wouldn’t be schoolies.

  • Kai


    Terrigal is incredible. Couldn’t speak more highly of a better place to stay for Schoolies.

  • Rose


    Meeting some amazing people, and sharing some good times. Unforgettable experience!

  • Ashton


    Terrigal is the perfect place for schoolies to go it has everything you could ask for 😉

  • Mackenzie


    Such a lovely community and tons of activities to do in the day time as well as night.

  • Caitlin


    Really enjoyed Terrigal, wonderful trip away 🙂

  • Molly


    The atmosphere was fantastic!!! i would recommend to anyone wanting to go to schoolies…

  • Jade


    Terrigal is amazing and our location was central with an excellent view. All thanks to Sure Thing!

  • Lillian


    So much to do and so much to see!! Wish we were there for another week 😉

  • Eloise


    Terrigal is absolutely beautiful, great shopping and beaches. Such a relaxed area.

  • Olivia


    We’ve booked ours, on the 24 Nov – 1 Dec 2014, me and my mates just sussing it out at Terrigal, hit me up if anyone’s going on 😉 We found a few groups from the girls school next to us who will be at this one too.

  • Hannah


    We were happy that we found a place that is driving distance from Sydney. Sure thing schoolies was a huge help, thanks guys.

  • Emma


    My friends and I are going there this year for schoolies, pretty keen! xxxooo

  • Thean


    Week 1 of Schoolies!!! 24 Nov – 1 Dec 2014!!!…so excited!! can’t wait for the schoolies party!! 😉

    • John


      See yah there Thean 😉 I booked also that week 1 of Schoolies!(24 Nov – 1 Dec 2014)… i want to hang out on the path right near the Surf Club with my friends. 🙂 < Sure Thing staff thank you for helping us (thumbs up!) ….. very excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    So excited to swim in the pool and hang at the beach……..and the most of all the exciting schoolies party!!!!!!! 🙂 I heard that it’s better to book at week 1 of schoolies this coming “24 Nov – 1 Dec 2014″, so I book on that dates… thanks Sure Thing!!!!! 😉

  • IRA


    I was privileged to celebrate my birthday in Terrigal on the day where the schoolies party happen ,an absolutely amazing experience Sure Thing staff was so helpful and obliging,to make our stay enjoyable and unforgettable. We spent 1 week there.
    thank u,thank u so muchhhhhhhhhh 😉

  • Liam


    I had a fantastic schoolies at Terrigal…the experience is something that you can’t forget, IT WAS GREAT! I was the main one dancing on the podium at the schoolies party (I don’t think it was meant to be a podium lol).. going nuts, got the DJ to play louder lol

  • Sophie


    We stayed here for 1 week and would definitely stay there again, or whereva sure thing hosts it.

  • Jack


    I looked everywhere for schoolies accommodation or a house till I came across Sure Thing. Thank you guys SO MUCH for making it so incredible.. We felt part of the schoolies group even before we arrived, and parents felt less stressed because everything was organised so well even a month before our trip.



    The schoolies party at Terrigal was very organised,arrangements made without any fuss and everything went enjoyable.
    We really enjoy the party….. thank you Sure thing 🙂

  • Nick


    Perfect for schoolies escape…FANTASTIC PLACE!!!!



    It is truly an amazing place to Schoolies Party and would definitely recommend it to any groups of friends there 😉



    We had the most enjoyable time and we had the best schoolies party ever,thanks to my family(for the money)lol.!!! 😉 ….



    We thoroughly enjoyed our first time stay there in Terrigal and we’re planning to go back very soon!!<

  • Zarah


    The week was really good 😉 I did meet a heap of new people! 🙂 worth it!!!!<

  • Mandy


    Week 2 of Schoolies!!! 30 Nov – 7 Dec 2013! Yew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • James


    All the houses I called keep saying no lol. But thanks to these guys for making a schoolies hotel and event for all of us to go to

    Sure Thing rocks!!

  • Maddie


    Staying at Avoca Beach Heritage Villas 🙂 Schoolies Zone! x



    Just wanted to drop a line to say thank you so much for the service we received at Sure Thing Travel last year… 😉
    We experienced the best week of our life!!!!

  • Krystyna


    I’m gonna drive up from Sydney!! 5 ppl in my barina lol

  • Randolph


    The schoolies party at Terrigal Beach was pretty funny and enjoyable with all the locals…We made a bonfire on the beach near the lagoon together with my friends on that same night, so if anyone saw it then it was us! 😉

  • Josie


    See you at Terrigal schoolies Pam and Meg!!

    And as for u Brad… You don’t know you’re beautiful 😉 <3

  • Laurie


    Did schoolies with Sure Thing Schoolies last year… Absolutely loved it!!!!

    I didn’t end up drinking that much (regretfully) lol

    But the whole schoolies thing was great, everyone was friendly, all have a great celebration for a week after the exams for schoolies

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